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EDUCATING children IN Dhading

07_WP_20151101_12_02_37_ProIn Kathmandu, we has manage to help improve access to education for girls and the children. HHN aims to address illiteracy and lack of formal education in Nepal, and especially helps to redress the huge gender disparity in education. Through its programmes, HHN supports children and families they find living in dire conditions in Nepal. 106 children, 101 of them girls, are provided with access to good-quality education.

HHN management, family-support and healthcare costs. Our assistance allows to make a strong long-term impact in the children’s lives and their communities, helping their families to break the poverty cycle. Many of the girls who otherwise would not have had the chance to even attend school are now doing extremely well, and many have progressed into university education.


As part of our child wellbeing support to the 136 previously trafficked children we rescued through the Hand In Hand (Nepal). We have taken on the role of guardians for the  youth for many years and part of that role is to make sure they receive adequate education through boarding school or day school in Kathmandu and Dhading. For children and youth who are repatriated or reintegrated, we helps them access education locally. We also employ Child Protection & Development Programme Supervisors to check in with the children so they can succeed at both school and home.06_WP_20151101_12_01_33_Pro