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Building Water Tank in Village

Building Water Tank
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The Need For Water Tanks

  Most of the families that we work with gain their income from livestock farming and cultivation.  As a consequence, the families must usimage-b6634e77bb9ee38fdce56521daff576be828f2d59f7d39e14b31d98e2debd0f7-Ve their current water source for both themselves and their livestock.  Most water sources previous to tank implementation are typically stagnant pools of water.  An obvious problem results during the dry season when most image-b18b4a2192b93f06a2edcc627f3ffea9a740e12801a52b58e9a27b865b88f7fd-Vof the water in these sources dries up and leaves the family with little water to work with.  Also, because of its close proximity to the livestock, it is easy for the waste from the cows to seep into the water source, further contaminating it.  As this is the only source nearby, however, the families have no other options for clean water.

Design and Construction of the Tanks

The rainwater collection tanks were designed by engineer , with the help of our organization. They designed and engineered an interlocking brick system that forms a solid, circuimage-05f9cf3889378aa595f060be59d62daced9723e33f8ee31a8edfcc6e7fd9b75e-Vlar, water-tight structure made entirely out of materials found native to good source. His construction team make the bricks with a mixture of compacted sand, dirt, water, and cement, and allow them to dry and solidify before constructing the actual tank.  Then, the bricks are placed together in  interlocking fashion and surrounded by wire mesh and cement to strenthen the structure.